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Timings: We are open from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm daily

Entry Fee: Adult Rs.750.00, Child Rs. 375.00,
Child - 7 years and below. Infants carried by parents, free at the sole discretion of the management. (Prices mentioned are including GST).

Identity Proof: Please carry any of your identity, address proof documents for verification purpose. Example: Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, etc.

Traditional Authentic Goan food (buffet), servered in earthen pots.

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Gaonkars Nandanvan
Maadpar Gardens, Khandepar - Codar Road, Ponda Goa - 403406
P: 9823010523
E: nandanvan.goa@gmail.com

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NANDANVAN is situated amidst lush green surroundings at Opa- Khandepar in Ponda taluka. Nandanvan is beautifully located between river Khandepar and thin forest on the other side.

Nandanvan stretches to approximately 200 acres of land. It is mixed up garden of tropical spices, fruits, medicinal plants, herbs, flowers etc..

Visitors of all ages can try their luck at the Wish Tank, enjoy the most ancient mode of transport of India the bullock cart ride,

Fresh Sugar cane juice is available at the in house beverage counter.

Our specially constructed rest house or hammock awaits the old and the tired to rejuvenate you.

Nandanvan has its own in house Ayurvedic health centre for massage , yoga and meditation with dedicated qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapist.

For those looking for a dip we also have a swimming pool and the brave hearts can get to the adventure valley for some exciting adventure activities.


Of the 200 acres of the total property, an area of about 50 acres is dedicated towards the growth of tropical spice like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper, vanilla etc. Fruits like pineapple banana, papaya, Chikoo, etc.Other crops like cashew, beetle nut, coconut are also grown in plenty.

As you walk through the farm, you would be able to visit the in house brewery where the distillation of the cashew feni is done during the season of cashew i.e. March to May. Goa also holds the Geographic Indication (G.I) for Feni. Our expert Team Members who will escort you around the farm will explain in detail about the plant and use of it in cooking and the medicinal benefits of those spices. The walk through the spice farm should take approximately 40 minutes. Organic spices grown in the farm are available for sale on the counter. There are also Aroma therapies and Essential oils and local specialty like cashew feni, coconut oil, are coconuts carved handicrafts are available for sale on the counter.

Additional Activities

1. ADVENTURE VALLEY: For the brave and young at heart this is one stop you should not miss whilst at Nandanvan. Activities here include rock climbing, chopper gliding, zig zag hopping, etc..

2. AYURVEDIC HEALTH CENTRE: Nandanvan has got its Ayurvedic Health Centre where one can consult qualified Ayurvedic doctors in regards to any health problems or issues they are facing. There are well qualified and experienced Therapists for massages that you would like to have like including Shirodhara and Picha. The health centre also has yoga and a meditation room where one can go meditate in solitary ambience and our yoga trainer will brief you on the types breathing exercises best suited for you.

3. SWIMMING POOL: If you feel the scorching heat of burning sun is humid take a plunge into the swimming pool and feel relaxed.

4: BULLOCK CART RIDE: Bullock cart is considered as one of most ancient common mans mode of transport in ancient India, So experience the feel of Incredible India on a bullock cart along the route.

5.WISH TANK: An ancient saying make a wish with a true heart and mind and whole universe would join in prayer to make your wish come true. Try to luck at the wish tank. Make a wish, flip marked coins and to see it fall right into the pot in the tank.

6.SPORTS GROUND: At Nandanvan the 10,000 sq mtrs playground which has a badminton court, football ground, volley ball ground and a cricket ground at your disposal.

7.CHILDREN PARK AND PLAY AREA: For the tiny tots and the little kids we also have a children park and play area spread to over 5000 sq mtrs which has slides, see-saw etc..

8.FLORICULTURE POLY HOUSE: Poly houses are basically naturally ventilated climate controlled. Jain Poly houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization and fruit crop. The Poly house at Nandanvan hosts Gerbera flowers of different varieties and colors. Gerbera is a genus of plants in the Asteraceae of the daisy family.


The restaurant at the farm is of urban nature with a sit up amongst well maintained vegetation.

There is ample of seating place in the restaurant and priorities for privacy are also made in the form of separate shacks.

Lunch at the restaurant shall be served in earthen pots and plates specially made from betel nut leaves.