1. 1. Can I choose my seat?
  2. A: Yes, you most definitely can. You can select or change your seats as per your convenience.

  3. 2. How many tickets can I book via one transaction?
  4. A: You are allowed a maximum of 10 tickets per transaction. This is subject to change without prior notice.

  5. 3. Children above what age require a ticket?
  6. A: Children over the age of 2 years will require a ticket.

  7. 4. What is the cut-off time for booking tickets?
  8. A: The cut-off time for booking varies across theatres as it is governed by them and the respective tiatr/drama directors with respect to tiatrs/dramas. For all practical purposes only for tiatr/dramas the cut-off time will be a week before the show, otherwise, if not specifically mentioned, it’s usually 1 to 2 hours before the show start time.

  9. 5. Any extra charges per ticket?
  10. A: Ticketpapa.com charges a convenience fee per ticket and service tax on the fee. Convenience fees are charged to balance out those costs that are incurred by us for our services. We will charge a very small amount towards the provision of services like elaborate show timings, theatre screenings and online transaction processing.

  11. 6. How would I know that my tickets have been booked?
  12. A: When your booking is confirmed, an email is automatically sent to you with the booking details. An SMS will also be sent to your mobile phone. Alternatively, if you are a registered user you can check for your booking details on the website. Call us on +91 9112140605/8421129124 for any help.

  13. 7. I booked tickets but didn’t get the confirmation Email/SMS? What should I do ?
  14. A: If you are a registered user, you can check for the booking details by logging on and going to your booking history.

  15. 8. How will I receive my ticket?
  16. A: Once your tickets are confirmed, you get an Email and SMS. Visit the cinema any time before the show and collect your tickets from the box office.

  17. 9. Should I carry my credit/debit card while collection of my tickets?
  18. A: Yes. You will be required to carry photo identity, address proof and also present the credit card used and sign on the acknowledgement slip while collecting your tickets.

  19. 10. If I have booked tickets for someone but cannot attend the show personally how do I ensure that he/she/they receive the tickets?
  20. A: In case you’re not able to attend the show, please take a photocopy of the front and reverse of your credit card and sign the photocopied page. This, credit card photocopied signed page can be used by your friends/family by producing his/hers personal photo identity and address proof copies while picking up the tickets in your absence.

  21. 11. After booking, how much is the waiting period before I can collect my tickets?
  22. A: You can collect tickets from the Box office anytime. We recommend that you collect your ticket 30 minutes earlier in case of a queue. However, even if you show up late you will receive your tickets.

  23. 12. How can I check if my booking is confirmed?
  24. A: If you are a registered user, please login with your username and password. Next, check the Booking History section which will show a list of all bookings done by you. If the booking details show up in this section, then your booking has been successful. Alternately, call us on +91 9112140605/8421129124 or mail us on helpdesk@ticketpapa.com for further information and we will revert promptly.

  25. 13. Can I cancel, exchange or replace tickets?
  26. A: No. As per Government regulations tickets once sold cannot be exchanged, cancelled or refunded. Ticketpapa.com will place an order for your tickets in the theater, multiplex, show, event’s ticketing system, reducing the number of seats available for the chosen show time. While this allows our customers with the clear benefit of guaranteed seats, it prevents Ticketpapa and our theater, multiplex, show, event partners from reselling tickets in the event you do not attend your chosen show time. If you have booked tickets and cannot attend that show, you may contact the respective theater, multiplex, show, event to inquire about their policy for refunds and exchanges.

  27. 14. I booked my tickets for today instead of tomorrow. Can these tickets be replaced?
  28. A: No. It will not be possible to replace or refund your tickets in such a situation.

  29. 15. Can I change my seat numbers?
  30. A: No. It will not be possible to change seat numbers once tickets have been booked.

  31. 16. What payment modes are available to book tickets?
  32. A: We offer various payment options like Credit Card, Debit card, Net Banking, e-Wallet.

  33. 17. What is Verified by Visa (VBV)/MasterCard Secure (MSC)?
  34. A: In order to make online transactions safe & secure, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has passed a mandate, with effect from 1st August 2009 according to which all online payments are required to go through an extra level of authentication. As per the mandate, while making payments online, you will need to enter a password as an extra level of authentication after entering your credit /debit card details. This all-new technology for safe online transactions is called VBV – Verified by Visa or MSC -MasterCard SecureCode.

  35. 18. What is the process of getting this ‘Extra Password’?
  36. A: To get an ‘extra’ password, you need to go through a simple process wherein you just need to log on to your bank’s website, register your card for Verified by Visa (or MasterCard SecureCode) and get your password. Different banks have different kinds of processes for registration. So we request you to contact your bank.

  37. 19. What has to be done after registering with VBV/MSC?
  38. A: Now, whenever you will pay online, you will be directed to your bank’s website after you have mentioned your credit card details on the payment page. Here, you will be asked to enter your VBV/MSC password and after that you will be redirected to our website for completing the entire payment process.

  39. 20. What is the process for American Express Cards?
  40. A: In case of American Express Cards, the process is different. For American Express Cards, you will be asked to enter your billing address on the payment page, which will be passed on to the bank. This technology is called AVS – Address Verification System. The bank will verify the billing address provided by you against the address that the bank has in its records. Be careful while mentioning your billing address as your payment will be rejected if the billing address doesn’t match.

  41. 21. My card has been charged but booking has been rejected. What should I do?
  42. A: If the ticket has not been successfully booked, your card payment will be reversed. This situation occurs due to network fluctuations at either end and is very rare. A refund request for the charge on your credit card will be sent by us to the bank the same day.

  43. 22. How long does it take for refund to be credited to my credit card account ?
  44. A: We send a reverse request to the bank by the end of the day. Depending on the card issuing bank, it can sometimes take up to 2 weeks for the reversal to take effect.

  45. 23. Inspite of several reminders, the refund is still not reflected ?
  46. A: We send a reverse request to the bank by the end of the day. Depending on the card issuing bank, it can sometimes take up to 2 weeks for the reversal to take effect. If it takes longer, contact us on helpdesk@ticketpapa.com or call us on +91 9112140605/8421129124. We will take this up on priority with the bank to ensure the refund is processed immediately.

  47. 24. I am unable to book any tickets. What do I do?
  48. A: Kindly try refreshing the page once and clear your browser cache. If you still face problems mail us on helpdesk@ticketpapa.com and we will work on it immediately.

  49. 25. My transaction was not processed. What do I do?
  50. A: We apologize for the inconvenience. In case we are unable to trace it we will refund any amount charged within 3 weeks.

  51. 26. Why is the website taking so long to load?
  52. A: This website has been created keeping in mind the best user experience. Kindly check your connection with your Internet Service Provider.

  53. 27. How many days in advance can I book tickets for my desired show?
  54. A: Booking varies from time-to-time as per the movie, cinema, event and show planning.

  55. 28. How will I receive a confirmation of my Advance Booking?
  56. A: You will receive a confirmation mail on your mentioned e-mail id and an SMS on your mobile number. Please provide the same along with your original Credit Card / Debit Card at the show venue to receive your tickets.

  57. 29. Can I avail of any offers on Booking?
  58. A: Currently we have offers on MasterCard and Maestro Card.

  59. 30. What offers are available on Ticketpapa.com?
  60. A: You can check our ‘Promotions’ section for details on awesome offers available at any time.

  61. 31. I booked tickets on your website but could not avail of the Discount/Offer. What do I do?
  62. A: In the event that your discount has not been processed feel free to contact us and our Customer Support team will redress the issue immediately.

  63. 32. If the show I have booked through Ticketpapa.com is cancelled or postponed do I get a refund?
  64. A: When an artist, event or venue cancels an event we feel obligated to refund your purchase. However, if the show is postponed we’ll contact you immediately and let you know the new timings. In case you cannot make it, the decision for refund will be up to the event, venue, artist or promoter. However, we will do all we can to assist you.

  65. 33. How do I purchase tickets in bulk?
  66. A: To purchase tickets in bulk mail us on helpdesk@ticketpapa.com alternatively, call us on +91 9112140605/8310211137.